Fairy Tail Chapter 396 Explanation:

After the mid-week release of Fairy Tail chapter 396, there has been a lot of excitement and discussion (understandably) regarding Gajeel and Levy across the entire internet. Most Fairy Tail fans/readers are claiming that GaLe (Gajevy) is now a confirmed pairing because of it (myself included, to a degree). However, there’s a lot of confusion and controversy surrounding the latest chapter that I’m willing to address. Points Fairy Tail fans have brought up, in the following order:

1. The Gajeel X Levy “kiss” didn’t count, because it was simply mouth to mouth and nothing more.
2. Why didn’t Levy use her solid script magic to give everyone oxygen?
3. How did Levy find Gajeel in the black water?
4. How was Levy able to find Gajeel without Torafusa noticing?
5. Gajeel yelled/opened his mouth under water, so why didn’t he drown/swallow poison?
6. Lucy, Juvia and Natsu are surely going to die from their previous injuries/drowning/poisoning before Gajeel can win the fight.
7. Levy sacrificing herself for Gajeel is unrealistic because of what he did to her/I still don’t want to acknowledge this pairing.

OKAY. *takes deep breath* Let’s settle the first point once and for all: the “kiss” didn’t count as a kiss. First of all, Gajeel was slipping in and out of consciousness. So, yeah, there’s that. Second, Levy was giving him mouth to mouth. Facts. I’m a HUGE Gajeel X Levy fan, but I don’t acknowledge their relationship as canon because she “kissed” him. That’s not to say that their relationship isn’t canon, because it is.
Let me explain: The act itself (her mouth on his) isn’t what defines their relationship as canon. The fact that she gave her last breath for him, is what sails their ship. She literally sacrificed herself for him. That’s crazy. “She was just saving a guildmate” you might say. Oh really? So, why not give Natsu, or Lucy or Juvia mouth to mouth then? She’s known Natsu and Lucy longer than Gajeel. Any of the others arguably needed her aid more than Gajeel did, and yet, she chose him. That speaks volumes. If she were simply saving him, as a friend or guildmate, that moment would NOT have been portrayed so tenderly. She saved his life out of the pure, undiluted love she feels for him. Accept it.

At first, I was thinking the “air” Gajeel needed so desperately would be in solid script form. I was surprised (understatement) when instead, Levy transferred the last of her air to him via mouth to mouth. Seriously did not see that coming. My reaction was pretty much “why didn’t she use her magic?” At the time, I was a little frustrated with her, even though I enjoyed the tender moment between she and Gajeel. But after the chapter ended, I read it again (this time slower) and everything made sense.
Levy had been searching for Gajeel since the beginning of the chapter (or likely longer). She hears his voice from a distance and the reader assumes she is off-screen searching for him while the fight is going on. Underwater, Natsu is unable to use his magic and falls unconscious after he foolishly screams that his fire doesn’t work. The others are rendered helpless, and Gajeel is left alone to face Torafusa. At this point, the reader is no longer focused on Levy or her whereabouts. We don’t know how long she’s been swimming/holding her breath for or whether she is able to use her magic underwater without verbally forming words. Though, we do get a clue about that once Gajeel finally starts losing consciousness.
Remember that bright light? Yeah, it’s my guess that Levy used her magic to light the black water in order to find Gajeel (just a theory, but still, it totally makes sense).
Think about it; she would have no way of knowing where he was under the water. She must have needed the light to find him, and since she had already used her magic for light, it would be difficult for her and her oxygen-starved body to do another spell. At this point, she’d be low on energy, magic and oxygen. Saving her last breath was all she could likely do for Gajeel.
Now, you’re probably still thinking something like “the water couldn’t have been that dark if Gajeel could see Torafusa in the water.” Yeah, I hear ya. I was thinking the same thing after I theorized that Levy used her magic to create light. But, you have to remember that Gajeel has dragon slayer senses, and unlike Levy, could probably see Torafusa in the water. Not only that, but Levy’s character page (early in the manga) explains that she hates the dark and dark places (go read it). Pretty scary situation for her to be in, considering. She LITERALLY had to swim through a black abyss in order to get to Gajeel. Not only is that incredibly brave, but it also illustrates just how much she loves him; she’s willing, no, COMPELLED to get to him, no matter what. Even if getting to him means swimming through blackness (with a demon) in order to do it. That’s some intense dedication. And that’s why, I think it’s completely believable that she used her solid script magic to light her way. It makes perfect sense.

I don’t think I need to explain this one very much. Levy had been looking for her guildmates from the very beginning of the chapter (probably since the beginning of the arc, actually). She hears Gajeel’s voice, and it’s assumed that she immediately starts in that direction. By the end of the chapter, we know that Gajeel sees a bright light, and is revived by Levy. I think by this point it becomes obvious how she found him; she followed his voice to his approximate location, and used her solid script magic to light the rest of the way. 

How did Torafusa not notice Levy in the black water (his domain)? She’s small and hard to find? <—-Tenrou reference. Honestly, does it matter? He didn’t notice her. That’s all. Even theorizing that she used a light to guide her, it wouldn’t be that farfetched to assume Torafusa was too focused on Gajeel to notice a 4’11” girl (I honestly don’t know her exact height, but come on, she is tiny). It’s also arguable that Torafusa was moving too fast in the water to notice. Even Gajeel wasn’t aware of her presence until the “kiss”. Bottom line is this: you’re over-analyzing the chapter if you’re focused on “what ifs”.

FYI, you can open your mouth underwater without swallowing water. Try it.

Maybe. But like I’ve said before (in my other Gajeel X Levy rant); Fairy Tail wizards are not as squishy as real people. They survive stuff that should kill them (I’m talking physical injuries alone). All magic aside, they (everyone in the guild) should be dead. This arc/chapter is no different. 

Finally, if you’re still denying the pairing on the grounds that you hate the pairing (for whatever reason), please refer to this: http://steersky.tumblr.com/post/90441781547 


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