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If fire is hot, what is iron? All Levy wants, is to finish the book she’s reading. Too bad her friends keep distracting her. When curiosity get the better of Levy, she can’t help but answer the question she never intended to ask. A short GaLe (Gajevy) one-shot with hints of NaLu. Please read, rate and review over at fanfiction.net.

1975 words.

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That Beautiful, Forgiving Smile, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

"Dammit, Shrimp, say something already!" - Gajeel. *A short one-shot from Gajeel’s perspective about the woman driving him crazy; Levy McGarden. Companion to my other story, Under Those Layers of Hardened Steel (Levy’s perspective). Please read, rate and review over at fanfiction.net.

882 Words.

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Inescapable, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

A one-shot featuring the ‘twin slayer paradox’ theory. WARNING: It’s rated M for adult themes (mature content, NOT lemon). Please read, rate and review over at fanfiction.net.

3915 words.

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Under Those Hardened Layers of Steel, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

"I’ve come too far; there’s no way I’m giving up on him now." - Levy. A short one-shot from Levy’s perspective about the man she’s been trying to figure out; Gajeel Redfox. Companion to my other story, That Beautiful, Forgiving Smile (Gajeel’s perspective). Please read, rate and review over at fanfiction.net.

901 Words.

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You Listening, Shrimp?, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

A GaLe (Gajevy) one-shot about loss, friendship and broken promises featuring NaLu. Please read, rate and review over at fanfiction.net.

1571 Words.

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An open letter/rant to people who hate GajeelxLevy:

Hello misguided fools,

I know you probably think you have some “reason” for hating GaLe, but let me make it painfully obvious why that “reason” is just plain stupid. There are only six main “arguments” against the pairing, and I will outline and address them in the following order:

1. Levy should be with Jet/Droy instead
2. Levy/Gajeel should be with my OC instead
3. LevyxCrack or GajeelxCrack
4. Levy/Gajeel should stay friends
5. Levy/Gajeel should remain single
6. Gajeel is a terrible person for hurting Levy so I won’t forgive him and neither should she!

Let’s focus on the first stupid reason people sometimes use to justify not shipping GaLe; the ol’ ‘Levy should hook up with one of her teammates’ excuse. This one is a relatively benign reason for hating GajeelxLevy, but it’s still a reason people give nonetheless. It should be pretty obvious why pairing Levy with either Jet or Droy is stupid: the girl is simply NOT attracted to them. Period. How many times does she have to turn them down for you people to get it? No means no. Also, both of her teammates have admitted (in the manga) that they’re aware of Levy’s feelings for Gajeel. Attraction matters. If you ship LevyxTeammates, you’re choosing to ignore her actual feelings. That’s a fact.

The second poor excuse for a reason is the ‘my OC is in love with Gajeel/Levy’; otherwise known as I’m in love with Gajeel/Levy and I’m jealous of Levy/Gajeel’. So, this one’s not a valid reason (not that any of the aforementioned “reasons” are, but still, this one’s likely the most idiotic one.  Crack pairings are one thing; at least the characters exist. With OCs, it’s just ridiculous. Let me lay this out for you people who hate legitimate pairings because you want a fictional character to fuck your author avatar: you’re all idiots. You don’t like a character if you ignore their actual interests (that includes LOVE interests). My advice is to write your own stories, invent your own characters and leave GaLe the fuck alone.

The next, and only slightly better than the previous idiotic “reason”, people give to justify hating on GaLe is the one I have to explain the least; the crack pairing. Need I say more? I don’t even need to address this one. If you hate GaLe because you ship Levy and Natsu, you already know how ridiculous you’re being and you don’t need me to tell you. No, there aren’t hidden signs that Gajeel’s secretly in love with Lucy or Erza or something. No, Levy isn’t harbouring dirty feelings of love for Gray. Give your head a shake and ship a real pairing.

Ah, friendship. If you hate pairing Gajeel and Levy together romantically, because you’d rather they stay friends forever, I can somewhat sympathize with you. Do I agree with you? No. But, I can see where you’re coming from. All too often, story writers and artists alike have trouble portraying healthy male/female relationships. Often, the message is that “men and women can’t be ‘just friends”, and that’s something that bothers me as well. But, whether you like it or not, attraction plays a factor in both the world of fiction and reality alike. As I’ve pointed out before, Levy is attracted to Gajeel (it’s right there in the manga). Their friendship is inappropriately close at times and it would be disingenuous to ignore the flirting that goes on between them. It’s obvious that their relationship is moving towards a romantic end. It’s inevitable. Join us.

Being single can be fun. I know, I’ve been there. There’s so much freedom and choice and blah, blah, blah… No. Whatever. If you want Levy and/or Gajeel to remain single for the rest of Fairy Tail, you’re a sadist. Let’s look at their character arcs for a minute, okay?
Levy’s been fought over by her two best friends for her whole young adult life. She’s hasn’t been able to pursue anyone romantically because she either wasn’t interested, or because she didn’t want to hurt her teammates’ feelings. That’s really gotta suck. A lot. If you’re a reader of the manga you’ll already know that she’s insecure and lonely underneath her happy exterior. During the Grand Magic Games arc, we got to see a glimpse of a future where Levy loses “the one she loves”, and is desperately crying out for help. She is completely broken. Now, I don’t know about you, but I actually LIKE Levy. I think she’s spunky and adorable and awesome. I want her character development to go in a happy direction, not a shitty, lonely one. The same goes for Gajeel. That man has been through some bullshit. He deserves happiness. He was orphaned, raised by a dragon, abandoned by said dragon, fell into a dark guild, lost sight of meaning or purpose in his life, attacked Fairy Tail and was eventually taken in by the very guild he destroyed. He is an anti-hero if I ever saw one. Currently, he is on the path of light out of the darkness he once walked. He is carving a new, better life for himself with a new family to guide him. But, he isn’t out of the woods just yet. He rarely opens up about his feelings, he doesn’t trust or depend on anyone and he still distances himself from the rest of the guild. The only person (other than Pantherlily) that he’s let in, is Levy. He leans on her when he’s weak, he shows a greater range of emotions around her and he is noticeably happier when they’re spending time together. Wanting them to stay “just friends” is unfair to the characters you claim to love. 

The final “reason”, is one that’s a delicate topic for many GaLe shippers. All of us love the pairing, but hate their rocky past. For you anti-GaLe people out there, you use Gajeel’s attack on Fairy Tail (and more importantly, Levy) as your foundation against the pairing. Can I blame you? No. What Gajeel did wasn’t pretty. I’ll admit, I was personally pissed off when I read that scene in the manga, and even more upset when I relived it in the anime. Like I said earlier; I really like Levy. She’s one of my favourite characters. But there are things to consider in regards to Phantom Lord’s attack on Fairy Tail. Think for a minute about the sheer power Gajeel has in comparison with other, non-dragon slayers; it’s crazy. He’s a machine. He could have easily killed Levy and Shadow gear, but he didn’t. In fact, compared to his treatment of Lucy and the other members of the guild, they got off easy. Yes, what happened to them was humiliating. Yes, they were injured and knocked unconscious. Yes, it was ALL bad. All of it. Nobody is arguing that it wasn’t. But he DID hold back. Another thing to consider is that he was their enemy at the time. He took his job seriously. He legitimately viewed all Fairy Tail members as trash and was hellbent on cleaning Magnolia up. He didn’t view them as people. He dehumanized them; played with them, if you will. To the old Gajeel, they were nothing to him. He was completely lost to the darkness and needed to be forcibly brought back tot the light. He’s not the same person anymore. That’s undeniable. You can’t compare acts of violence in reality with the acts of violence portrayed in Fairy Tail. The brawls that go on in the guildhall alone should give you an idea of the ridiculous tolerance wizards have for brutality and injury. Hell, guildmates in Fairy Tail get more fucked up on any given day just “play fighting” with their friends/rivals than Levy did when Gajeel pinned her to the tree. Wizards play rough. Levy knew that when she became a Fairy Tail wizard. She’s a big girl. They’re both adults and can make their own decisions. He’s done more than enough to atone for the things he did to Levy/the guild. He’s protected her and befriended her and, if all the hints in the manga are correct, fallen for her. He made a mistake; a huge one. But that doesn’t mean he can’t get a second chance. Levy’s already forgiven him, so there’s no reason to hate on their relationship. Get over it.


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